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Sunday, January 17, 2010


If you are really interested in making money online, then just spare 4 minutes to read this carefully to the end.

My dear friend,You can start making at least $40 daily into your liberty reserve account with just an initial investment of $12. I am willing to show you how to achieve this FREE OF CHARGE.

I know a lot of information marketers can package this in a manual and sell it for at least N5000 or $35. I am not going to do that, and i will tell you the reason at the end of this post.

So PLEASE pay attention as I guide you little by little,but before we proceed what do you need?. You only need a liberty reserve account, and fund it with $12 only.

HOW DO I OPEN A LIBERTY RESERVE ACCOUNT?You can open your liberty reserve account for FREE via this link www.libertyreserve.com .

To fund your account if you live in Nigeria,you can use this exchanger visit them with this link www.naira4dollar.com . I personally use them both in funding my LR account and withdrawing from Liberty Reserve Account to my Naira account.

If you live outside Nigeria, You can use http://www.bsrates.com/ to fund your LR account or you will find good exchangers in your country listed on liberty reserve website.

SO LET'S GET STARTEDVisit this website http://bit.ly/9Fc6d6

When you get to this site, click on the link "JOIN NOW" You will find three names the first is my name (Abdullah Amarteifio) is listed as your "sponsor" a 'random member' and the 'Admin'. Select the 'I Agree box and click on JOIN NOW'. The program will direct you to pay the first person in the program $4 directly into his Liberty Reserve account and the other two people.

After payment is made, do click on RETURN TO MERCHANT and you will pay the second person and later the admin $4 each. When you must have made all the payments and clicked on RETURN TO MERCHANT, you will see where you will now register on the website and fill your details.

Please, make sure you fill the correct details especially your Liberty Reserve account number. Then, click on SUBMIT. After successful submission, you will see your referral link just like mine http://bit.ly/9Fc6d6

copy this referral link correctly since this is your gateway to endless cash,because anybody that join through your link must pay you $4 instantly to your liberty reserve account the way you paid into mine.

You can also make money even without referring people, you are paid $4 as a random member.

Now go to http://tinyurl.com/ paste the long referral link you that you copied inside the bar and click on "Make Tinyurl" the long referral link will become shortened just like my own

Now start promoting this link online or even offline, you can promote your link on forums, your blogs, facebook, myspace etc.

You can join international forums and the power of the internet will work for you as you will start getting sign ups from people around the globe. Below are some forums where you can promote your link.


Now let's do a simple maths:

Assuming you decide to start today and you are getting 10 sign-ups daily (which is extremely easy to get) @ $4 per person,
that is =$40 daily cash into your LR. That is cool $1200 monthly internet earnings for you! This is an AMAZING Once in a Life Time Opportunity I have just shown you for FREE you can't afford to miss it!

After-all $12 investments is your risk and you start making endless $4 into your liberty reserve account from this program.

Visit: http://bit.ly/9Fc6d6 to Get started today!


PLEASE I want to stress that Rome was not built a day so am always modest in my earnings projections because the last thing I want to be guilty of is exaggeration or setting your hopes too high since.

I know this can cause frustration so it is better to expect little so that when get more than that it will be a very pleasant surprise so assuming you start and you are getting 5 sign ups daily-which from my experience is easy-at $4 per sign up that is $20 daily and $600 monthly online cool cash for you.

What is holding you back? You only need to risk $12 and spend some time promoting your link and you be on the road to unending $4 into your liberty reserve account so take action NOW click this link http://bit.ly/9Fc6d6 get started today. I know you will never regret it.

Like I said earlier some will sell this information but me NO, the reason is that I strongly believe that there is more happiness in giving than in receiving and moreover the best things in life are free and who knows you might be the one to give me another wonderful money-making idea.

Now I want you to understand that I genuinely want you to SUCCEED so if you have any question or need any assistance don't hesitate to call me 07069485270 or 07026913787 email abdellah2ford@gmail.com (Yahoo messenger ID: abdellah2ford)
Always visit this blog because I will keep you posted on any issue relevant to our success in this program.

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ACCOUNT NAME: Abdullah Amarteifio
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0013197994

After payments, send your full names, teller no, amount paid and your email address to +233572282752, or 07069485270 (Text Only).
You can also email me @ abdellah2ford @gmail.com. Your blog will be ready with in 24 hours.

I am sure that very soon you will call or send me a mail expressing your gratitude.

Committed to your success
Abdullah Amarteifio

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